This Is Not Financial Advice

This site expresses my opinions on how to be more productive and achieve your goals more easily across many domains. My day job is in technology. In particular, I do not have any financial planning credentials (e.g. CFP) and whatever you read on this site is the result of my personal research and experience planning my own finances. It is not financial advice about what you should do in your specific situation, which I don’t even know about. So, of course, your results may be different from mine.

In short, this blog offers general information and entertainment, not advice about what you, the reader, should specifically do. If you want that kind of advice, please seek out a fiduciary financial adviser who can speak to your particular circumstances. While I commit that I am working hard to provide advice I believe in, I assume no responsibility for errors and omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained here.

Earning Notice

I reserve the right to monetize this site through various means. There may be affiliate links to products (such as to books on Amazon) that I believe in, which will provide me with a small fee for referring you. This fee does not raise your cost, but per FTC guidelines, I’m disclosing it to you here anyway. My approach is to recommend helpful products whether or not I’m getting a cut and to never recommend products because I’m being paid to. Thanks for understanding.